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In Memoriam - Trevor Christensen

It is said we spend more time with our work associates then with our family at home. In this regard, our accounting firm had the joy of having Trevor’s mentorship, insight and friendship for greater than sixteen years and in that regard, we are truly blessed. Trevor was truly instrumental and part of making our firm one of the preeminent accounting firms in Edmonton and in fact perhaps in Alberta.

Trevor and the firm had a very special and warm relationship. He was family, and Trevor always stated that he truly believed this and that he cherished this relationship. As in any relationship to be everlasting, like he believed in me and made an effort to help me develop professionally, which I greatly appreciated.”


“The advice Trevor has given me will not be forgotten.”


“If he thought you deserved someone in your corner, he would go to bat for you.”


“If you took the time to get to know him he was a fun-loving, insightful deep guy.”

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