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Corporate Tax Compliance & Planning

The Income Tax Act of Canada is a complex legislative document with many tax planning opportunities and even more tax vulnerabilities. Romanovsky and Associates LLP will help your business navigate the tax confusion and ensure the combined personal and corporate taxes you pay are minimized. Click here to see the latest CRA Tax Rates

Personal Tax

Whether you have a corporation, proprietorship, or other business interest, everyone has to file a personal income tax return. Our firm will help you navigate the tax confusion to ensure tax planning opportunities are effectively utilized and tax pitfalls are avoided. Click here to see the latest CRA Tax Rates


Our firm has the staff and expertise required to perform an audit which includes examination of evidence supporting the amounts reported or disclosed in the financial statements. As Auditors, we assess the accounting principles used by the enterprise and significant estimates made by management.


Designed to 'bridge the financial reporting gap' when interested third parties require financial statements that they can place reliance on. Our professional staff are proficient in the review process and are interested in the integrity of financial information.


To keep you on top of your business and one step ahead of your competitors, you need timely and accurate financial information. Our monthly bookkeeping services can give you this and more.

Business Plans

We can assist you with the preparation of projections and cash flows, and advise on tax planning. We can further assist with arranging the necessary finance with regard to your business ventures through our close working relationships with most major financial institutions.

Business Financing

Romanovsky and Associates LLP has established excellent contacts within the banking, venture capital and secondary financing communities. This provides our clients access to financial growth, expansion and new ventures. These relationships have enabled clients to purchase new entities or sell their existing operations with financing arranged by us for the purchaser. Our firm is invited to ongoing presentations dealing with entities looking to provide financing in areas of current interest.
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